Your Choice

Your Right to make decision in your life

I strongly believe it should be MY right to decide when it’s time to die.

I understand it’s a complicated, difficult topic, prejudiced by laws, religion and personal opinion.

I do not understand why terminally ill, sick and invalid people whose quality of life is poor are not allowed to die in peace, when they choose.

It makes me so sad hearing people are forced to endure pain and suffering.

I can understand reasons when the person is young, or depressed or has lost the will to live, but laws must account for different situations.

While I support Exit International and the work of Dr Philip Nitschke, I am not connected with them in any way.

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Who Am I?

It is not relevant who I am?

I am acutely aware that to name myself would attract unwanted attention to myself and my family.

I want that attention drawn and focused on the core issue: a human being’s right to die on their terms.

I’m an educated intelligent male in his 60’s living in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

To be blatantly honest, I am scared of two issues that may happen to me in later years, dementia and pain.

My father suffered from Alzheimer’s Desease for the last 20 years of his life. 20 years of pain and suffering before finally passing away in his 90’s.

Pain, wow, disease, cancer, give me the pill now.